Disappointment and all its Friends


 Those days 

For those days where you don’t want to get out of bed, Days where you don’t remember switching off your alarm, Days where you forgot to put deodorant on, Days where you shower standing in a puddle of water because the drain is blocked again, Days where your hair band breaks during the first five minutes of a work out, Days where you arrive sweating for a meeting you left early for but ended up running to be at on time, Days where you forget your headphones so you notice the lack of communication on the commute, Days when you unexplainably slip in the coffee line, days where you eat your lunch at 11am after an impassioned debate in your head since 9.15am, The days where you try and pass time by peeling an orange as slowly as possible, Days at the desk where you do stomach crunches and butt clenches hoping nobody notices, Days where you head to the gym after work to realise your famished since lunch was at 11 (and your without f***ing headphones), Days where dinner is for one, Days where you feel less than important, Those days do not count, The days do not matter,  The day you realise happiness is more than a pay packet, a facebook page or a flat stomach, The day you realise your power, you follow your breath and listen to your heart, The day you surround yourself by people and things that really matter, now those are the days. 
Helen ~ WAP 

2 thoughts on “Disappointment and all its Friends

  1. beckyhelps says:

    I love even those days that family and friends have named “Duvet Days” that seem useless, but are in fact the shadow of the sunshine, the stem to the rose with the wonderful scent… Without these days, we wouldn’t be the awesomeness in the sun, the scented bloom…

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