To Yoga (What I want to say)


To Yoga (What I want to say)

Yoga found me sitting on the sidelines ,

Or maybe I found Yoga in a magazine,

Lost in a sea of socialising,

Prioritising the trivial,

It didn’t seem to mind my present company,

I started skeptical of the entertainment potential,

It felt skeptical of my ability to be still,

We were both right,

I made a promise to practice everyday,


Surprisingly effectively,

Yet making it a rather grueling routine,

Was this another workout?

It’s the only way I could justify the time spent,

It thought she only wants me for a workout,

We were both wrong,


Turned into months,

You guessed it years,

It was surprised,

I was new,

Breath and silence in hand,

Perhaps I could be still,

Addiction to the freedom and feeling,

Walking the journey together,


It knew I’d lose my way,

I thought it would still be there when I came back,

We were both so right.


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