What Is This?

Thanks for visiting HOW Yogi! 

Why is it called ‘HOW Yogi’? 

Yogi is a fun and possibly scary sounding word, simply meaning a person who does Yoga.. HOW is simply my initials and a tongue in cheek reference to ‘how’ stereotypically ‘yogi’ the website is. 

What’s HOW Yogi for?

The website features a blog formerly known as ‘Warrior At Peace’ featuring articles on yoga practice, travelling tips and stories, ideas on natural health and beauty alternatives,  recipes and yoga videos. It will also feature information on any classes or workshops I’m currently putting on and where you can find them. 

Who is behind HOW Yogi?

That would be me Helen. I’ve been practicing yoga for 12 years. I have a 200hr RYT certification from the Himalayan Yoga Institute in 2014 and a Yin Yoga qualification completed with Corina Benner in 2016. I like vinyasa, hatha, yin and ashtanga styles of yoga. 

Comment, share, challenge, I’d love to hear from you ~ contact me.

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