I’ve Been Having


A wee break, a wild chase and a few mistakes all whilst doing the do and teaching Yoga…. at the moment I’m having trouble finding the words for everything I’m thinking, so I’m going to stick with listening to my body and doing… you guessed it…Yoga

I hope you can join me in 2015 – there’s plenty of opportunity so I hope to see you on the mat !

Helen x

Date / Term Time Location Style


5th Jan onwards ’15




Virgin Omni CentreChaplaincy, Room 1


Gentle Yoga (members)Hatha (EUYS only)


7th Jan – 11th Feb


14th Jan onwards ’15



Central Studio, 14A Broughton St Lane 

Pure Gym Quartermile

Vinyasa Evening Flow(6 week course £51 or £10 drop in) 

(members only)


8th Jan onwards

12.00-1.00pm Edinburgh Yoga Room, 5 Forth Street Vinyasa Lunch Flow(8 week course £64 or £10 drop in)


17th Jan onwards ’15


17th Jan onwards ’15



Canning Street Yoga 

Pure Gym Quartermile


Gentle Hatha

Vinyasa Flow

(members only)


For more info contact me here:

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