Quinoa and sprouted Carrot Salad

The delicious and nutricious Quiona, roasted courgette and sprouted carrot salad! What you'll need; 1 Cup Quinoa (soaked overnight in water, or sprouted) 2 Courgettes (diced) 1 Carrot (grated) Handful Sprouted beans (I sprouted alfalfa, mung beans and radish) 2 TSBP Coconut Oil Handful Fresh Coriander Melt Oil in roasting pan and roast courgette in … Continue reading Quinoa and sprouted Carrot Salad


I love breakfast foods and have spend a lot of money on Granola, so the revelation of baking it myself has been a great one. I mentioned about granola making in my muesli post but I thought i'd give you one of my favourite granola recipes. Not only can you control the cost of your … Continue reading Almondola