Should We All Just Sleep Through January?


I’ve been a bit lacklustre recently. I did a week where I taught 12 Yoga Classes, I think I actually taught and tried to give some (at least) of my energy to over 130 people…in a week. That’s a lot of faces, a lot of energy and as you can imagine some BIG classes. The funny thing is I go from having a class of 3 or 6, then I run over to a class of 25. Sometimes being the right person for that setting, can be challenging.

In general, my energy, my week was going well. Then I had to have some injections, one of which was a flu jab. Suddenly I was out for the count, on Friday my day off I lay under the duvet and watched what is referred to in my household as ‘tripe‘ (just your every day reality garbage). But when I’m feeling off, I just want to zone out so there’s three choices; do some Yoga, involve myself in a book to the point where I don’t put it down or move all day, or the easiest watch tripe. It certainly wasn’t making me feel better, but it also wasn’t making me feel worse. To put it simply it wasn’t making me feel anything. Which for me, seemed to be what I was after.

This feeling continued over the weekend and only stopped for brief intervals for me to do the things I had to do. I read some blogs, watched some Yoga videos and in general got a bit down on myself… to motivate myself. I had to read and see other people reaching their potential to get me out of my slump.

I started stretching my aching body and slowly I managed to climb out of my reality shaped hole I’d dug for myself. It wasn’t a long stretch of time but it was enough for me to really start to loose my vitality, conviction and inspiration. I need these things. Especially when your job is to stand in front of a whole bunch of people and try to make them feel something; feel better, feel emotion, even feel worse so they can get on the road to feeling better.

Do you ever fall into a hole of your own making? Do you find that January is inherently a lacklustre/ I’d rather be hibernating month?




Helen – WAP

2 thoughts on “Should We All Just Sleep Through January?

  1. amanda says:

    Yes! I totally agree… Sometimes it’s so hard to find motivation. January seems to be the perfect month for hibernating, doesn’t it? It’s like a month long restorative process where we’re trying to collect ourselves and put things back together and get back in order from the happenings in the previous year. I love that you’re a yoga instructor! I’m doing a yoga challenge this year where I’m trying to attend 100 yoga classes. That’s probably easy peasy for you! Haha I’m trying to attend at least 2 a week. Wish me luck! Cheers in the new year, and take as much rest as you need this month. 😉

    • Warrior At Peace says:

      January is just ONE of those months, I feel it and whenever I catch up with people I’m just so surprised and how much everyone else is feeling it too. It’s probably not helped by the fact that we’re in a Mercury Retrograde until February 11th at the moment as well. I don’t know if you read about that stuff but It’s really interesting! But I kind of love the restoration process, I’ve been doing and enforcing lots of yin yoga at the moment. So great your doing a yoga challenge, that’s hard stuff! You’ll notice so many spiritual, mental and physical differences I’d bet! Also just the determination it takes to build a habit like that. I love to go to other people’s yoga classes but it’s hard to find the time to be a student. So absolutely good luck, let me know how it goes! Thanks for the well wishes, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my hibernation I hope you are too!

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