Seek Truth…the News: selected information on current events.


I’ve always had a hate-hate relationship with the news. As a child it made me feel uncomfortable, uninterested and disinterested. I thought that has I grew up, became more knowledgeable and adult that I would feel differently towards the news. As though it were some beacon of hard facts which you may not want to here but as an adult well you’re supposed to be informed of. When I got older and more intelligent I realised that my feelings only heightened. What I’d been experiencing as a child was my intuition of something not being quite right was actually the truth, the news was nothing but artificial, half-truths used to scare-monger and control. 

I’ve tended to stay in my mindbodygreen, elephant journal, yoga and health blog haven where even if information is manipulated it’s done to make you feel better about yourself, eat better, live more sustainably and so on. The standard news to this day is just a joke to me.

Today the Michael Brown Ferguson verdict is a prime example of how the news is used to twist real life events into scaring and controlling people. BBC, ABC, US Today choose to represent the mainly peaceful protests all around the US as mindless violence and looting only occurring in Ferguson. It’s laughable because it’s just not true. How can they get away with this? Spinning protests into concerns for small business owners whose property has been destroyed. If that is in fact part of the story then report it but don’t report it as the only event. There’s been thousands of people from NYC to LA protesting peacefully by laying down in roads, marching, and chanting “hands up, don’t shoot“. In return these people have been met with force, tear gas and violence from the police. Why is the only focus on people not being 100% peaceful when the police are only using violence and fear? The news just supports the people in power to make the general public believe that the people who are protesting are doing something wrong and that it should be feared. Why you may ask? Because if we all joined together there’s nothing they could do about it! If everyone in the U.S starting peacefully protesting the violence of armed police officers there would have to be change (and they don’t want that)!

It’s not just this Michael Brown case either, which you can read about here. It’s all the time around the U.S police conducting raids, shooting unarmed people and even children…every day! It’s not that I’m against the police in general they are after all people as well but they’ve been trained to go at situations with violence. The violence involved in Ferguson and in so many other places in the U.S between the police and the public must stop. We should all stand together peacefully against an overly brutal police force and realise that we are actually a united and loving race.

To get some idea of what’s actually happening sites such as RT (russia today), SOTT (signs of the times), Police State USA, the youtube channel The Trews (the TRUE news), hosted by Russell Brand are trying to provide a more rounded picture. Even just go on twitter, look at what the general public are saying about things 9 times out of 10 it’s different to the propaganda being blasted at you by the news. Better yet just use your intuition, most of the time you can feel when somethings not right, you don’t need some scripted news man to tell you the difference between right and wrong.

The evocative language used on the news tells you everything you need to know about its legitimacy. A show is created, it’s entertaining, it’s exciting and at times scary. But it’s probably just not true. As a yogi I try to stay peaceful and live my life the way I know is right without passing judgement on others but today more than ever I was reminded of my childhood intuition that the main stream news is just not worth any of your time.

I hope that people continue to spread the truth and join together in peaceful protests until something is done to change the way the police treat people in the U.S. As someone whose lived in the U.S and is getting married to an American it may not be in my backyard today, but police behaving that way in the U.S will just slowly filter through to the U.K where ever you are you should care about these acts of injustice that are supposedly to keep us safe.


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