Am I Retrograding?

309240_634275248024_1204804576_nHow much do you protect yourself versus how much you push yourself? If I’m not moving forwards, I must be moving backwards (or retrograding if you will). I’ll soon turn back into this ambitious young cowgirl if I stop progressing, like some new age productivity Benjamin Button or Jack, only with me as the regressing lead girl.

I don’t know how much you know about Mercury Retrograde, but it happens three or four times a year. Mercury slows down and appears to stop and then move backward. It is said that during Mercury’s illusory retrograde (it is actually moving forwards), communication drops and we’ll find ourselves in all manner of miscommunications. Mercury is responsible for communication so there will be increased problems in technical communication, your own ability to communicate and things in general end up delayed or lost in miscommunication. From the 4th October to the 25th October you should notice some strange occurrences, and therefore should refrain from making any big decisions, which may be being blind sighted by your lack of communication skills at present.

All of this got me thinking about how I view myself, when I stop moving I feel like I’m moving backwards. No visible progress is being had, so I can’t be making any. At present as I just advised I shouldn’t be making any big decisions or altering things too much, we’re in a moment of stand still, potentially moving backwards and so plans will not do as they should and go to plan. I still keep wanting to push forwards, make plans and do more. I’m not actively doing anything but, I am progressing. What looks like a retrograde is in fact an illusion, by stopping my continual movement forwards, I’m progressing in a different way. I’m embracing the changes that occur without me forcing them.

I’m a pusher, (I push people immediately thinking about mean girls) and pushing myself to do the best that is possible is a part of that. On the other side, it’s important to have some protective guard up. What is my body actually telling me right now? I should rest, today that isn’t right for me, maybe I shouldn’t even do Yoga or anything today. These are all things which some day’s every person’s body will tell them and you should listen to it. If you’re not consciously controlling your breathing, digestion or heart beat how can you know so easily how far you should push. You have to get to a point with your body where you recognise the signs and feel the struggles which are worth fighting through, and those which aren’t.

My need for progression is in all aspects of my daily life. Part of my connection with travel was you were always moving forwards, headed somewhere. Since July I’ve been in one place, it started to feel as though I wasn’t progressing as much as I deemed I should be, who knows where that idea of what’s the right amount of progress has come from. No matter how much I feel as though I’m retrograding the fact of the matter is everything is continually moving forwards. Perhaps that should be a scary fact but instead it’s some what comforting. If I recognise that I need to stop pushing, I’ll still be moving forwards, but in a natural way. If it feels as though everything has come to a stand still and you’re beginning to reverse. Go with it. The world is continually propelling you forward. Finding a stand still against that current means you really need it. Embrace it.

I’m embracing my mercury retrograde in my cow girl hat at this moment.


Do you feel like your retrograding? Have you noticed since October 4th miscommunications happening in your life?



Helen ~ WAP



4 thoughts on “Am I Retrograding?

    • Warrior At Peace says:

      Hey Moonstruck, I’m really glad you enjoyed it! I’ve been thinking about it a lot about my progression especially since leaving education and not having a predetermined plan it makes you wonder! Thanks for commenting 🙂

      • Moonstruck says:

        I wondered what inspired your post on the retrograde perspective. It’s a healthy topic to discuss internally for all of us. Thanks for your insight. Moonstruck

      • Warrior At Peace says:

        I was reading so many articles about mercury retrograde and listening to the descriptions struck a cord with how I often feel myself. Also I was noticing the seeming effects from mercury retrograde which made me keen to share the observations with others. I’m glad you enjoyed.


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