Say it Like You Feel It


I feel I need to write something but I also have a ‘creative block’ at the moment. I find myself writing and then realising I’m not saying what I’m feeling. I don’t think this is helped by the fact that I’m pretty tired, so when I find a moment, writing a thought provoking real article feels like an up-hill struggle.

I’ve started teaching Yoga to more and more people, meeting new people and getting out into the world. Before I was in this wonderful artificial reality where everything was my own Yoga space; I woke up meditated, did Yoga, wrote about Yoga, and then spent the rest of the day trying to find places I could give Yoga to other people. Living in the one dimensional Yoga reality I created was pretty great, I could have happily stay there. I couldn’t help feeling that if I was serious about the path I was trying to create for myself, I had to put my whole self into it, so I did. Now I’ve started teaching and socialising, and the reality is surfacing that maybe my whole life can’t be only this one thing, or can it?

I want to just immerse myself in a Yoga bubble, yet I know I need to tend more to my family, friendships and sometimes even myself. The bubble had to burst after my teacher training, to be honest I kept that bubble alive for quite some time. I still think, eat and dream Yoga. I’m trying to find the balance between things I want to make a part of my life and the things I don’t have time for anymore. There has been so many significant changes in my life in the last year; I fell in love, lived with a partner for the first time, went to live in the U.S, trained as a Yoga instructor and contended with the juggling act of chasing my dreams, keeping true to myself and being in a long distance relationship. I’m so content today and yet I am so different. A lot of change in a short space of time is surely a great thing, to the adventurous spirit. To others it may be a warning sign, so much change is directionless, and putting yourself through all these changes must be a signal of some kind of life crisis.

So a post which clearly expresses how I’m feeling; I’m loving all the change, I’m opening myself up to all the opportunities and I’m finding a place of balance before I can truly write about what I’m discovering.




Helen – WAP

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