Summer lovin’


Summer lovin’ had me a blast. Summer lovin’ happened so fast.

To begin my post I had to establish the song going through my head while I wrote this article and to swiftly pass the song on to you. My life isn’t a whole lot like Grease, I do sometimes burst out into song but I don’t often find myself hanging out in diners with girls named Frenchie. Although I really want to, is that wrong?

Today’s post is a bit personal, I suppose all of my posts are. I’m sharing parts of me left, right and centre but I’m okay with it. I only really thought about the fact that I’m sharing so much of myself, when someone who reads my blog said they thought it was brave of me to be putting myself out there all the time. So in the interest of keeping with the trend here it is. I cannot call myself a good honest blogger without addressing the reality of my summer. I’ve had a ‘blast’ this summer; I’ve trained to be a Yoga instructor in Croatia (I don’t think i’ve mentioned it), I’ve started teaching Yoga (ditto) and each day I’m trying to be the best version of myself. However, I’ve been away from my not only summer, but autumn winter and spring time love. I’m not okay with that at all. Que violins.

This summer I achieved everything I wanted and sat in the evenings on skype talking to the computer and through the miracle of technology I was able to stare at the person I longed to share it all with. Long-distance is not easy. A fact not made easier by our distance being longer than your average (about 6,000 miles). It’s not that I  feel any less connected, but I can’t hit him round the head when he makes fun of me and when I’m complaining that he won’t go and get me a cake, my irritation is kind of unreasonable.

I found the love of my life, spent a wonderful six months together and then had to be apart for the whole summer. I’m not complaining about my life, things are great. But this isn’t what was depicted to me in the movies. Once you actually fall in love aren’t you supposed to spend the summer on bicycles laughing and rolling around in the grass with ice cream on your noses? Apparently not. A fact I’ve accepted and lived with, after all I’m a ‘Yogi’, living in the moment and being ok with what is, is my thing. Admittedly, I have been day dreaming of autumn setting in and now summer’s almost over and frankly I’m over the moon because soon I’ll be running slow-motion through the leaves hand in hand and sitting together on park benches despite feeling the freezing Edinburgh air.

This post is just a dedication to a wonderful person whose not here right now but who without, I wouldn’t of found the strength to achieve everything I did this summer.

Summer lovin’ had me a blast… did you?




Helen – WAP


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