Padmasana - Lotus Pose

Padmasana – Lotus Pose

I figured seeing as I end every post by saying Namaste and I end all my emails with…Namaste I should probably give a shout out to what I’m trying to say here. When I first really thought about what Namaste means it was actually while I was living in America a few months ago and I found a wonderful yoga teacher. She would always give meaning to everything we were doing and never failed to say something that made me stop and think. She first sparked an interest in me about what Namaste really means and why it’s said at the beginning and end of every (most) yoga classes.

Namaste is a form of greeting and fare well. It recognises you and I are the same, we are made of the same thing. By saying it to someone you are recognising you are one of the same. In Hinduism it means literally ‘I bow to the divine in you’. It is usually done while also having the palms pressed together and in front of your chest. There is something so wonderful about saying it and about having someone say it. If I don’t close my practice with it, it feels like everything’s been left hanging in the air.

Today in society I feel like people don’t really acknowledge one another. Or recognise that we are all made of the same energy and matter. Whatever status I think might be gained from my job, family, money or lack there of really doesn’t make me any different. Ultimately we are all one and the same. Humans are naturally social beings, supposed to greet each other and respect one another. I know I’m not designed to sit alone on my computer or phone and live out my life not resonating with other people. All I have to do to feel pretty negative is to go about my day without talking or seeing anyone. This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my own company because I love it. But if I truly separate myself from other people for prolonged periods of time I’m aware something’s missing.

When I take a yoga class I get the joy of interacting personally with an array of different people. I want to do this in every day life as well. I want to recognise the oneness of all people. While divisions keep getting put up, I want to dance around the streets acknowledging other people. Maybe I like the ancient Sanskrit words too much? I want to recognise that you and I are the same. I also want you to hear it. I don’t think it makes me some old age hippy with no ideas about the present day. I feel more present than ever. I want to teach a yoga practice, have great conversations and engage with all sorts of people and realise that we’re all the same. No matter what day we’re in or what is perceived to have changed, we are still made of the same thing. And that’s right I’m bowing to that part of you whether you like it or not.

To the place within you in which the entire universe dwells I humbly bow. I wish you peace in your heart, in your mind, body and soul. When you recognise that place within you and I recognise that place within me, we are one and the same.


Helen – WAP


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